What is Retro Doge?

Retro Doge is up in the game!

👾 Tired of being late to every 10-1000x opportunity? If so, consider this the sign you’ve been looking for! Introducing RetroDoge, the latest project made just for fun!.

👾 Retro Doge project was created for experimental & fun purposes, it's a fully community driven Binance Smart Chain token and we think it would be fun to invest in, observe and enjoy.
We named it after Doge and added a retro theme! RetroDoge is a pretty neat name, isn't it?

👾 Everyone knows the most reliable way to 10x an investment is to be early to a low cap gem. Well, here’s your chance.
This is not your average stealth launch, as the team have both the expertise and capital to truly pump this exquisitely branded token. Any coin above $5 Million in market cap is probably not worth your time investing in. Ape into a ‘Micro’ cap instead!

#Where to find us?

You can find us on PancakeswapBuy on Pancake

Look at the ChartChart


RetroDoge is made just for fun!

RetroDoge is a community-driven token

There is no real purpose, apart from earning and good fun!

Locked liq and verified contract!

Please enjoy!